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What Are Those Funny Product Version Numbers - X.Y.Z.?
The X is incremented whenever major enhancements are added to a product. The Y and Z are incremented whenever bug fixes and minor enhancements are added. By comparing the version numbers below with the version number shown in the About information on your installed product, you can tell whenever an updated product is available.

Version Download Instructions
First click on a product's Release Notes to download a text file that has installation instructions and information about bug fixes and enhancements. Next, click the product's name to download it's install package. The package is a zip folder containing an install script (install.vbs) which uninstalls any previous versions before installing the correct files for the Window system you're running. Follow the install instructions in the release notes to run the script and complete the installation.

MPTool Version 3.0.8 Release Notes
VTTool Version 3.0.13 Release Notes

No Previous Versions Available
Release Notes